"Mobile Tribe" は西アフリカ原産の楽器、「アサラト」の専門ショップです。










MobileTribe はアサラトの販売だけでなく、国内外で多くのアサラトを中心にしたイベント、ワークショップ、ライブなど様々な活動もしています。お近くで触れる機会があればぜひ参加してみてほしいです。



"Mobile Tribe" is Asalato speciality shop.We are working to make various people enjoy knowing the pleasures of Asalato's instruments even a little.

Asalato is a very small instrument. It can be carried around anywhere at any time by pulling it on the waist belt.

A favorite owner of the trip carried Asalato around the country of the world for about two years, and performed live and workshop at all of the countries visited. What I felt on that journey is that Asalato is the best 'communication tool'.

This instrument which can play regardless of age and sex, people from any country are popular, and made the opportunity to get along quickly without getting in touch with words. Asalato is good fortune instrument.

And in 2018. We launched this shop with the desire to convey the charm of this small rhythm instrument, Asalato to many people.

In case MobileTribe not only sells Asalato but also has various activities such as events, workshops and libraries centering on many Asalato in Japan and abroad. I would like you to join us if you have the opportunity to touch near you.

 And please feel the world of this mysterious instrument, Asalato.


モバイルトライブのオーナー。また、アサラトの祭典『ASALATO NIGHT』のオーガナイザー。アサラト暦14年のアサラトプレーヤー。


Mobile Tribe owrner and Asalato Player and ASALATO NIGHT Organizer.

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ASALATO NIGHT is event for asalato since 1997.

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