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ASALATO Online Lesson 5+1Ticket アサラトオンラインレッスン5回分+1回チケット

ASALATO Online Lesson 5+1Ticket アサラトオンラインレッスン5回分+1回チケット













We are doing personal workshop using free online call If you have an internet environment you can receive your own original lesson anytime, anywhere!!

① Since it is a one-on-one lesson, you can take lessons that suit your level and style, from beginners to advanced players.

② If you have a PC, smartphone or tablet and an internet environment, you can take private lessons whenever you like.

③ After the lesson, we will send you a video so that you can reconfirm the rhythm, assignments, homework, etc. that you practiced on that day.

⭐︎ Lesson reservation method ⭐︎

If you have purchased a lesson ticket, we will contact you at the email address you entered at the time of purchase and will tell you how to reserve the lesson.

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