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  • PAPILATO パピラト

    - パピラト -マナーモードアサラトのパピラトは関西で活躍するアサラト集団鴨印振族のJUN君の作品です。 HEMPやコットンで包み込んだパピラトは手触りもよく、暖かく、見た目のかわいさは抜群です。 一つ一つ違う色合いなのでお好きな商品をお選びください。一覧の商品写真からお選びいただけます。





    - papilato-Quiet asalato's papilato is the work of JUN of the asalato group "Kamoin Zhenzoku" active in the Kansai region. Wrapped in HEMP or cotton, papilato is soft to the touch, warm, and cute to look at. Each one is a different shade, so please choose your favorite product. You can choose from the product photos in the list.


    The quiet asalato with a diameter of approximately 5 cm has a strong shake, making it ideal for practicing and checking your own shaking sound. The balance between the attack sound and the sound of the asalato is perfect because it is made by a first-class asalato player with great care. There are various color variations, so you can choose your favorite color.

    Quiet asalato is designed to mute the attack sound of the balls hitting each other, making it ideal for situations where the sound of asalato might disturb others! The sound of the shake is audible, but the attack sound is muted, making it possible to play in the middle of the night or in apartments or other situations where you might be sensitive to your neighbors.

    This product is sold as a set (for both hands).

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