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  • 執筆者の写真asaratopanman

Senegal tour from February 2019

I guess you have imagined once?

What was the country of Senegal, the birthplace of asalato?

Let's make that imagination a reality

Let's session with the local Asalato player

Let's look at the tree of Asalato and make a raw Asalato as a souvenir

Let's perform asalato at local carnival

I will start it. Senegal Tour

A sanctuary of Asalato The secret place of Island of Gorée and Senegal, a trip to Casarance, the birthplace of Asalato

Maximum 10 people

If five people do not gather, it will be canceled.

☆★Please do it yourself☆★

Yellow fever vaccination

Overseas travel insurance

Whether you need a visa or not (non-Japanese)

★ Schedule ★

2019February 06 - February 18 (including movement of Japan to Senegal)

★ Price ★

150,000 yen (air tickets from Japan to Senegal are not included)

Included in price





★ Schedule ★

Arrive in Senegal capital, Dakar

Overnight in Dakar

Sacred place of Asalato, to Island of Gorée

Gorée Overnight

Move airplane from Dakar to Casamance center Ziguinchor

From the airport to the seaside village, abene

abene overnight

Asalato lesson. Playing with local musicians etc.

free time

Abene overnight

Uninhabited island Trip to see Asalato tree

Abene or near island overnight

Asalato lesson. Playing with local musicians etc.

free time

Abene overnight

Experience the carnival and go to Kafountine

Kafountine or Abene overnight

Appear in carnival de Kafountine(planned)

Kafountine or Abene overnight

Relax one day

Abene overnight

From Abene to the airport of Ziguinchor, to Dakar

Overnight in Dakar

Returned from Dakar to Japan

It is like this.

If someone wants to participate

Contact by December 31

Please contact us.

I also want to participate, but if it is not this schedule

I would appreciate it if you can give me a message, etc.

Thank you! !





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