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    ※ この商品は1セット(両手分)での販売となります

    Asalato Loops

    This is a new asalato created by Noble of the Kansai asalato group "Kamoin Zhenzhu". The attack and shake sounds of the sphere made of hardened bamboo powder and beads are well balanced, and the most popular size, 4.8 cm, is relatively light, making it easy to play for everyone, young and old.

    Feature #1.

    The use of beads allows the player to produce a fine, sharp shaking sound. Beginners can easily judge whether their shaking is correct or not.

    Feature #2

    The use of bamboo powder makes the attack sound relatively low, making it ideal for practicing when the sound of "asalato" or "pataca" is a little too loud, but the "silent" mode is not enough.

    Feature #3

    Bamboo powder is used as the material, so even if it should break, it can be repaired relatively easily with wood glue.

    This product is sold as a set (for both hands).

      紐のカラー String color
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