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CANDELATO -Choose the light-
  • CANDELATO -Choose the light-

    LED light built-in asalato

    CANDELATO(Choose the light)

    LED内蔵型アサラト キャンデラト(LEDライトの色をセレクト)







    Click here for an explanation video of CANDELATO

















    ※ LEDライトの組み合わせをお選び頂き、備考欄に記載ください




    赤×青 緑×白










    The asalato with built-in LED light is finally completed!

    Please enjoy the unique techniques and combinations that can only be achieved by growing





    Feature #1

    You can choose the color of LED lights, so you can create your own unique combination.



    Feature #2

    The LED unit is mounted at the knot of the rope in a regular Asarato, minimizing the impact on the light.


    Feature #3

    The length of the rope can be changed by our original system, so you can adjust the length of the rope to suit your needs.


    Feature #4

    Asalato is made of Ghotama, which is a very strong material.

    Also, the LED unit, various replacement parts, and an instruction manual are included, so you can fix it in case of breakage.



    ※ Please choose the combination of LED lights and write it in the remarks column.


    Please choose the color from red, blue, green, yellow, and white



    Red & Blue Green & White


    ※The size of the bulb is 5cm.


    ※This product is sold as a set (for both hands).


    ※The color of the rope cannot be selected.

    ※ If you do not specify the LED color, we will ship in red, blue, yellow, or green.

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