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Ghotama color model
  • Ghotama color model

    Ghotama color model

    ゴータマ 色彩モデル


























    The dream of all asarato players, the "unbreakable asarato" Ghotama color model.


    Feature #1

    A perfectly spherical shape created by a 3D printer.

    The weight of the body is the same as that of a standard asarato while maintaining durability.


    The sphere is pre-filled with more contents so that you can adjust the shaking sound to your liking (if you feel it is too heavy, please reduce the amount of contents). (If you feel it is too heavy, please adjust it by reducing the amount of contents.)


    Feature #2

    The inside is Ghotama, so we guarantee its strength and playability.

    The size is 4.6 cm and 5 cm

    so it can be enjoyed by anyone, young or old.



    Feature #3

    Available in black, azure, green, wisteria, and orange.

    All of the colors are hand-colored, so no two pieces have the same hue or pattern.

    You can enjoy your own unique color in the world.


    Ghotama is painted on the surface. The paint may peel off if the product is dropped, hit hard, or used for many years.



    This product is sold as a set (for both hands).

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